Are Cloud hosted LIMS right for your business?

Published: 16-Feb-2024

Autoscribe Informatics discussed the pros and cons of cloud hosted laboratory software solutions in a recent webinar

Autoscribe Informatics, a Xybion Company, took the opportunity in a recent webinar to discuss the much-misunderstood subject of cloud hosted laboratory software solutions. 

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are the heart of any modern laboratory. They can record and store all sample and associated meta data, as well as inventory, quality, staff training, and instrumentation information in one place. 

The choice of whether to keep the application and its associated data local to the laboratory and on-premise, or remotely in the cloud, is a more complex choice than it may seem. 

Considerations should go well beyond the resource needed to maintain the software and data and the costs of doing so, but often do not.

This webinar gives senior managers in organisations with laboratories uncover which is the right choice for them. The webinar can be viewed at:

Developed using Autoscribe’s many years of industry experience, it provides a balanced view of the benefits and limitations of on-premise and cloud solutions. 

Presented by Samuel Clark, Technical Sales Manager for North America at Autoscribe Informatics, it draws on recent experience in implementing laboratory informatics solutions across multiple industries from pharmaceutical and medical devices, to environmental, food and drink.

Topics covered include:

  • Why use the Cloud?
  • What does “Cloud” even mean?
  • How secure is a cloud system?
  • What happens to your data?
  • How can you integrate instruments and other systems?
  • What are the disaster recovery options

As a learning aid, this webinar is important for making the decision of where to keep your main corporate asset – your data. 

It recognises there are trade-offs to make, and often no perfect answers, yet arms the audience with the facts to drive the right decision for their organisation. 

After this webinar viewers will be able to decide which choice is right for their organisation. 

Either way, since Autoscribe supports both on-premise and cloud deployments with their Matrix Gemini LIMS, the choice is entirely up to the needs of each client. 


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