Wet mill improves API milling capabilities

Quadro Ytron HV produces 60% smaller particles than a conventional mill

The Quadro Ytron HV-Emulsifier offers more than x55 the high shear energy of a conventional rotor-stator system

Quadro, a Canadian developer of powder processing, liquid processing and materials handling technology, has developed the Quadro Ytron HV-Emulsifier, an all-in-one inline emulsifier and wet mill, which the firm says offers more than x55 the high shear energy of conventional rotor-stator systems with precise process scaling from lab formulation, to pilot and production processing.

In independent tests across multiple compounds having a wide range of starting particle sizes, morphologies and mechanical properties, the Quadro Ytron HV produced 60% smaller particles than other conventional wet mills. Several of the compounds tested were found to mill down to a mean volume (mV) of 10–15µm, compared with 28–35µm with traditional wet mills.

Other pharmaceutical applications for the Quadro Ytron include the development of submicron emulsions (high shear homogenising with a droplet size of 0.2–1µm), drug suspensions (high shear wet milling with a particle size of 1–10µm) and topical formulations and semi-solids (droplet/particle size of 0.4–3µm).

The HV-Series features three different models ranging from 7.5 to 60 HP with capacities ranging from 1L/min to 285L/min. All models use energy optimised tooling that operates at high tip speeds up to 70m/s with low power consumption. The range is designed with a sanitary high-speed mechanical seal that eliminates potential trap areas around the rotor shaft for improved CIP/SIP results and can be customised for easy integration.