PBI Shredder SG3 system offers new method in sample preparation

Published: 27-Nov-2012

Unique device from Cole-Parmer uses a closed system ideal for molecular and cellular biological analysis

Better sample integrity and longer DNA is now available with the new PBI Shredder SG3 from Cole-Parmer. Ideal for the extraction of DNA, RNA, protein, mitochondria and small molecules, the device creates a closed system in which to prepare samples safely. It is also portable for easy and efficient field collection.

Its closed system operates by using pressure, which forces the sample against the lysis plate in the tubes for low-shear cell disruption. The resulting samples exceed the yields of those derived from traditional labour-intensive methods such as manual mortar and pestle preparation. The samples also offer better integrity than bead beating methods.

Higher reproducibility and lower cost in sample preparation make this efficient new device a standout option for research labs, forensics, cryogenics, medical diagnostics, and more. It also offers full chain-of-custody tracking from collection to testing.

The PBI Shredder SG3 System is easy to use and compatible with lab buffers and reagents already present on most labs. Its heavy-duty driver features long-lasting rechargeable lithium batteries for uninterrupted operation. A three-position setting level enables users to create a standard for reproducible results among various operators.

Unique polypropylene shredder tubes create a closed system for sample collection, preparation, storage, and transporting. This design prevents sample cross-contamination and ensures safety in processing hazardous materials. Tubes are also available with a metal lysis disk for harder sampler processing.

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