Sciformix to launch labelling service

Published: 5-Mar-2015

Includes ready to use technology solutions to support workflow, content and process control

Sciformix, a leading Scientific Process Organisation (SPO), will offer a new labelling platform from the end of this month.

The platform is a fully integrated managed service offering processes and technology that cover the entire labelling process from signal/change triggers to package implementation. It includes performance, quality and compliance metrics and pre-configured, ready-to-use technology solutions to support workflow, content management and process control.

Sciformix says benefits of the new platform include efficiency and scale to accelerate label updates, deployment and implementation.

Manish Soman, President and CEO, Sciformix Corporation, said: 'Sciformix’s long-term strategy focuses on evolving and enhancing our service and technology offerings for our clients, broadening our global reach, and growing and diversifying our customer base. Being able to offer this end-to-end labelling platform supports all of these objectives.'

He added: 'We have formed strategic partnerships with niche labelling solution providers and act as an integrator of technology enablers by leveraging our labelling, regulatory and IT expertise.'

With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, Sciformix offers comprehensive global labelling services, including labelling content development and lifecycle management, operational support and workflow management, regional labelling support, and artwork/package component labelling management.

The new platform will be presented at the Marcus Evans 3rd Annual Labelling Compliance Conference in Boston, MA, US, from 25–26 March.

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