Silverson Machines presents customised in-line mixer for tablet coatings

Published: 20-Feb-2023

The mixer will be used to create an iron oxide suspension for tablet coatings

A special trolley-mounted 275UHS In-Line mixer with a control terminal, specially designed rotor and dry running sensor has been supplied to a pharmaceutical manufacturer. 

The company had a trial machine at their factory at the beginning of last year to test whether the mixer could produce a high-quality pigment suspension using iron oxide. They manufacture tablets, film coated tablets and capsules for oral administration.

It was of high priority to the company that they were able to clean the mixer quickly and thoroughly between the processing batches of Iron Oxide and so it was decided that they trial a UHS In-Line model so it could be Cleaned-In-Place. During the trials, everything went well and good results were obtained, but there were a few further requirements the company wanted in order to perfect their mixing process and Silverson was happy to deliver.

As all mixing equipment is designed and manufactured by Silverson, when the company wanted a specialised Square Hole High Shear Screen with slots on either side so that it could be removed without touching it by hand Silverson were able to create this bespoke workhead for them. Silverson was also able to source and install a control terminal and trolley mount the mixer for them so that they had everything they wanted for the process.

The customised mixer with all the additions was easily installed and the resulting tablet coatings were exactly as the customer wanted, with them being able to clean easily between batches.

After the mixer was purchased, the company had some problems with operators dry running the mixer, which can lead to serious mechanical damage. So they contacted Silverson again to see if anything could be done. Again Silverson was happy to assist and a dry-running sensor has since been added to the set up. This sensor will prevent the mixer from starting, or will stop the mixer from running, if product is absent. Once installed the company now had their ideal mixing set up.

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