Technical brochure for precise control of heating and cooling system

Published: 12-Apr-2017

The brochure provides in-depth specifications for all models in the i-Temp Plus series for the precise control of temperatures up to 400 degrees C

UK temperature control solutions provider ICS Cool Energy has launched a new i-Temp Plus brochure detailing its range of process heating and cooling solutions for the precise control of temperatures up to 400oC.

The brochure provides in-depth specifications for all models in the series, as well as profiling specific solutions available to manufacturers requiring high temperatures and hybrid options for those who already have a heating or cooling source on site but require more accurate control.

The i-Temp Plus series guarantees precise temperatures at every stage of manufacturing. The components are housed in a single robust unit while offering the modular flexibility of a custom design.

John Cast, Group Technical Manager, at ICS Cool Energy, said: “Some manufacturers are working to a utilisation factor of 80%, with 20% wastage or downtime. Poor temperature control and ageing equipment are often the chief culprits.”

Manufacturers can significantly reduce waste for a surprisingly low outlay.

“By investing in a highly precise reliable temperature control system, manufacturers can significantly reduce waste and for a surprisingly low outlay, with fast payback.”

“Manufacturers in this market can make major improvements to their production efficiencies by simply making a change to their temperature control system. Paybacks of less than 12 months are commonplace.”

The i-Temp Plus series is fitted with the C8 Advanced Touch Screen Controller, which offers full diagnostics, reporting on alarms, flow monitoring and return temperatures.

In addition, it allows for “recipe storage and process management” for heating and cooling times which enhances automation.

Two-way communication between the process operator and the equipment is also offered by being connected to computer networks, monitored remotely and if required, viewed on mobile devices.

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