ICS offers thermoregulators for hygienic conditions

Published: 4-Apr-2013

ICS Tricool Thermal range features the latest touch screen technology

The latest thermoregulators and temperature controllers from ICS Temperature Control, a Southampton, UK-based supplier, have an IP65 rating and feature the latest touch screen technology.

The C7 advanced controller offers recipe control, temperature, flow and pressure trending, selectable languages and data logging, which can be saved to an SD card for validation requirements.

The products, which are manufactured in the UK under the brand name ICS Tricool Thermal, are suitable for hygienic and hose-down areas in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All units are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

The range includes water heaters, oil heaters and pressurised water heaters, with capabilities ranging from 9–48kW and temperatures up to 160°C for water and 350°C for thermal oil, which reduces heat up time by as much as 30%.

The company says the Tricool units provide precise temperature control by distributing water through a closed circuit that maintains the temperature of the contents of jacketed vessels within a very tight tolerance.

Standard units are stocked at ICS’s main Southampton site and are available for purchase or hire, with servicing and extended warranty packages.

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