University of Manchester and SCIEX open £18m Biomarker Discovery Centre

Published: 28-Jun-2016

The Manchester, UK-based Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre is a major step forward in precision medicine and making 'industrial' proteomics a reality

The University of Manchester has opened the Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre, which will focus on biomedical research including cancer, psoriasis and arthritis, using mass spectrometry-based proteomics solutions from SCIEX.

The Centre, which was funded by a philanthropic gift from the Stoller Charitable Trust, the Medical Research Council and developed in partnership with SCIEX, will help to industrialise the process of identifying and utilising protein biomarkers.

With a large number of SCIEX LC-MS systems, the Centre is one of the biggest clinical proteomics facilities in the world, spearheading a series of biomarker development projects and international collaborations. It is helping to identify and develop markers of disease risk, diagnosis and response to therapy on an industrial scale, aiding in the translation of biomarkers into the clinical lab.

The Stoller Biomarker Centre is located at CityLabs Manchester, in the midst of biotechnology companies, the Central Manchester University Hospitals, National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust and The University of Manchester.

The purpose-built, industry-leading laboratory space at Citylabs 1.0 is ideally suited to companies in the biotech or life science sector.  Dedicated fume cupboard extraction enables high specification laboratory fit outs. The Grade A space accommodates mechanical ventilation, heating and cooling throughout the building giving individual suite level control of each space. 

The Stoller Centre houses a large suite of high-end SCIEX mass spectrometers for targeted next-generation proteomics, including TripleTOF 6600 Systems with SWATH Acquisition, QTRAP 6500+ Systems, and the SCIEX Lipidyzer Platform. The University of Manchester has also invested in a number of liquid chromatography and automated sample preparation components for the Centre, from SCIEX and other Danaher life science companies, such as Beckman Coulter’s Biomek NXP Laboratory Automated Workstation.

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