SCIEX and CW Analytical collaborate to develop first cannabis testing standards

Published: 14-Sep-2016

SCIEX workflow solution enables legalised cannabis labs to facilitate routine testing with robust, cost-effective analytical methods

SCIEX, a leader in life science analytical technologies, has entered into a collaboration with marijuana testing laboratory CW Analytical to develop fully validated, standardised methods to measure pesticides and cannabinoids in cannabis and cannabis-related products.

This collaboration will provide the cannabis industry with comprehensive, cost-effective analytical methods to facilitate routine testing with guidance and expected performance.

As global demand for cannabis quality testing solutions rises, analytical labs must look to mass spectrometry-based (MS) solutions for the accuracy and reliability to ensure product safety and regulatory compliance. SCIEX will provide CWAL with LC-MS/MS expertise and instrumentation including the SCIEX Triple Quad 3500 System, with MultiQuant Software for processing multiple analytes and samples. Additionally, SCIEX will provide CWAL with onsite technical expertise to obtain optimal detection, recovery and run-time for quantifying pesticides, aflatoxins and cannabinoids.

'The global cannabis testing industry does not currently have a standard method for the analysis of pesticides and cannabinoids, and together with CW Analytical, we look forward to implementing a method which can be used by all labs doing such an analysis,' said Vincent Paez, Senior Director of Food, Environmental and Forensics Testing at SCIEX.

'This project will enable CW Analytical to ensure chemical pesticides, the presence of aflatoxins and potency levels are accurately measured and reported for medical marijuana samples in a timely, affordable manner,' said Dr Robert Martin, Co­Founde and Chief Operating Officer at CW Analytical. 'LC-MS/MS is a key technology for us to apply to our day to day testing needs. The ability to analyse accurately hundreds of samples a day offers a unique level of efficiency to our laboratory.'

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