Configurable LIMS highlighted at Paperless Lab Academy 2023

Published: 17-Apr-2023

Now in its tenth year, The Paperless Lab Academy highlights and discusses the latest digital data management ideas for laboratories

Known for its ease of configurability, the latest version of Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) from Autoscribe Informatics will be on show at the Paperless Lab Academy 2023. Unique among LIMS vendors, every configuration for each customer uses the same software. Configuration is performed using the built-in Matrix Configuration Tools which keeps all configuration separate from the core software. The configuration tools are graphically based, so no software (C#, Java etc.) coding skills are required to make changes. Simple configuration means the look and functionality of all screens in the workflow can be adapted to suit the exact needs of every laboratory in any industry.

Now in its tenth year, The Paperless Lab Academy highlights and discusses the latest digital data management ideas for laboratories. It is the perfect place for those wanting to learn more about LIMS to compare solutions and learn about the latest trends, all within a dedicated two-day window.

Benefits of easy configuration

The ability to adapt each screen to the exact needs of each laboratory ensures that the LIMS uses terminology relevant to the users, and that the workflow mirrors their working practices. This dramatically reduces barriers to adoption. Training is available for companies that want to do their own configuration. Importantly all configuration changes, whether done by the customer or Autoscribe, are fully supported. If a support question arises each individual screen can be sent to Autoscribe for further investigation. Since the underlying software is never changed by configuration, installing a new version of Matrix Gemini does not require merging of the configuration with the updated system, simplifying upgrades and support.

Industry specific starter solutions

Specific configurations exist for key industries including Contract Labs, Biobanks, Water/Environmental, Food/Drink, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Veterinary labs. Created using the standard configuration tools, further changes can easily be made to meet the exact requirements of specific users. Matrix Gemini can be extended aiding full ISO 17025 compliancy with the addition of extra modules, such as instrument calibration & maintenance and staff competency management, as the needs of the laboratory grow. Matrix Express LIMS, an out of the box solution for smaller laboratories, is also available.

“Configurable LIMS solutions are an ideal theme to highlight at the Paperless Lab Academy because they are the key to adapting to changing needs. For example, a data analytics package can be added to sift, analyse, and present critical statistics held within the LIMS,” said Tim Daniels, Marketing Manager. “Since the purchase of a LIMS is a long-term investment ongoing adaptability, and the ability to adopt new technology over its long lifetime, is critical in the fast-changing world in which we live.”

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