Novotech publishes Candidiasis and rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial landscape reports

Published: 12-Feb-2024

The reports include a SWOT Analysis designed to inform strategic drug development decision-making and enhance the chances of successful and impactful treatments

Novotech, the global full-service clinical contract research organisation (CRO) that partners with biotech companies to accelerate the development of advanced and novel therapeutics at every phase, has released today two reports on the candidiasis and rheumatoid arthritis clinical trial landscapes.

The Novotech research analyst team provides these reports on a monthly basis, free of charge — offering current insights into global clinical trial activity, revealing which regions experience the highest trial volumes and the factors behind these trends. 

They tackle the hurdles faced by biotech firms in specific therapeutic areas and discuss future paths in therapy and investment trends.


The Candidiasis report

The Candidiasis report dives into why this fungal infection (which mostly affects the oral cavity and reproductive organs) has become a significant global concern, particularly among people with compromised immune systems. 

The report also focuses on the epidemiology, therapeutic challenges and the evolving clinical trial trend data offering invaluable insights for healthcare professionals and researchers.

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • APAC continues to have a focus on Phase I trials, while Europe is highly engaged across Phase I, II and III trials, and North America is focused on Phase III trials.
  • APAC demonstrates a robust clinical trials Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20% outpacing other global regions.
  • Recruitment rates differ significantly across APA, Europe and the US
  • Noteworthy breakthroughs in antifungal medications include approvals for Brexafemme, Vivjoa, and Rezzayo, providing optimism for Candidiasis treatment.
  • On the venture capital front, the US and China take the lead, underscoring a shared interest in advancing Candidiasis solutions with robust funding, particularly in Series B and C rounds.
  • Ongoing research into potential anti fungal vaccines


The rheumatoid arthritis report

The rheumatoid arthritis report looks at its prevalence globally and identifies the key factors driving this condition. RA, a persistent inflammatory condition of the joints, affects people between 60 to 70 years of age and disproportionately impacts women.

The report emphasises the crucial role of early diagnosis and treatment with conventional synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and the effectiveness of biological or targeted synthetic DMARDs. Importantly, it also covers the latest advancements in molecular medicine, epigenetic drugs, microRNAs, gene editing technologies, and the role of the microbiome.

Key takeaways from the report are:

  • As of 2020, RA affected 17.6 million people globally, resulting in 38,300 deaths.
  • In the APAC region, China holds the highest number of cases at 4.7m, and India has 2.67m cases, in Europe, the United Kingdom stands out at 458,000 cases, and in North America, the United States leads at 1,440,000 cases.
  • Trial phases vary globally, with APAC dominant in Phase 1 trials, Europe balancing across all phases, and North America showing a focus on Phase 1.
  • In recent years, China led in venture capital investments, with the US closely following.
  • The distribution of funding across financing rounds reveals a focus on later stages, particularly Series C, indicating increased investor confidence and higher funding amounts for mature companies.
  • Early-stage research, especially in the preclinical stage, attracted the majority of investments, highlighting the emphasis on groundbreaking discoveries and innovative treatments.

This comprehensive resource guides healthcare professionals, researchers, and organisations in navigating the complex clinical trial RA landscape.

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