ACG Inspection launches cloud-based offering to address VRS requirements under DSCSA regulations

Published: 11-Dec-2023

In light of the impending Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) regulations, ACG Inspection, a leading track and trace solutions provider for the pharmaceutical industry, has launched its new cloud-based Verification Router Service (VRS)

The new system, which forms part of the ACG’s Inspections Life Sciences Cloud Service and Compliance Gateway, enables the automatic verification of saleable returns through product identifiers by routing requests and responses between stakeholders.

Serialised products are assigned a unique identifier that can be used to track the product throughout its entire journey, enabling wholesalers to verify the authenticity of the products before they are resold.

Shine Vijayan, CTO at ACG, commented: “The regulations, which have now been delayed by 12 months (coming into force in November 2024), will require all trading partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain to verify the identifier of any serialized drug product before redistributing it."

“ACG’s existing VeriShield solutions tackles the implementation and interoperability challenges faced at Level 1, through to Level 3. With DSCSA’s regulation in place, ACG’s VRS covers level 4 — helping pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers easily track and verify the saleable returns and secure their supply chain from counterfeit and substandard products."

“ACG works closely with its customers, helping to address their pain points - one of which being concerns around data security. Our VRS employs robust security measures to safeguard serialised product information, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data throughout the verification process.”

The system also guarantees real-time verification to enhance operational efficiency and prevent supply chain delays.

Additionally, it provides scalability assurance to accommodate an expanding volume of serialised data, to ensure continued robustness and reliability. And it incorporates exception handling, empowering stakeholders to address issues promptly to help maintain supply chain integrity.
Shine Vijayan: “We are trusted experts and through our Life Sciences Cloud Service and Compliance Gateway, we can support counterfeit prevention, improving recall efficiency and data security."

"At all times, ensuring our clients are fully compliant with international standards and ready to meet the requirements as laid out in the impending DSCSA regulations.”

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