Anton Paar's PTD 100 cone-plate: “Even greater versatility for your viscometer”

Published: 24-Nov-2022

"No need for a separate viscometer"

Upgrade your ViscoQC 100 or 300 with Anton Paar’s new PTD 100 cone-plate accessory for premium cone-plate measurements with a time-saving, error-eliminating feature set: 

  • Automatic gap setting and control
  • Built-in peltier temperature device for super-precise temperature control from 0°C to 100°C
  • Minimal laboratory space required – no circulator bath
  • Magnetic coupling with unique spindle-recognising Toolmaster technology – preventing costly operator errors and saving up to 25 seconds per spindle change
  • Constant check of correct system alignment

Versatility at its finest: Easily transform your ViscoQC into a cone-plate measuring system in less than a minute – no need for a separate viscometer.

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Many of the world’s leading companies – across beer, wine and soft drink production, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, and chocolate and cell phone display manufacture – rely on the technical know-how and instruments of the Anton Paar Group.

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