Receive the best in class DMA 5001 for the price of the DMA 4101

Published: 14-Aug-2023

Anton Paar has revealed its "best-in-class" density meter, the DMA 5001

Upgrade your existing benchtop density meter(s) of any brand including Anton Paar to the best-in-class density meter, DMA 5001. 

Plus trade in your old benchtop density meter and upgrade to the DMA 5001, for the price of a DMA 4101.

With density meters from Anton Paar you can measure more accurately, tighten your product specifications, and boost your product quality.  Receive a three-year warranty backed by the world-renowned Anton Paar service and support network.

Why do you need a DMA 5001?

Whatever your industry from food and beverages to pharmaceutical to petroleum the DMA 5001 will measure the density of your product.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to 6-digit accuracy without drifts
  • Perfect for highly dense samples
  • Auto-correction for highly viscous samples
  • Ideal for high-end R&D applications, authorities, and standards organisations

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Founded in 1922 in Graz (Austria) by Anton Paar, the company is the world market leader in the measurement of density and concentration, the determination of dissolved carbon dioxide, and in the fields of rheometry and viscometry. Anton Paar’s customers include most of the major beer and soft drink manufacturers worldwide as well as companies active in the food, chemicals, petroleum, and pharmaceutical industries.

Established as a one-man locksmith’s workshop, the corporation strives to combine high-precision manufacturing with the latest scientific achievements; the Anton Paar invests 16% of the annual turnover in research. Currently, the company offers more than 170 analytical solutions that are produced almost exclusively within the company.

The Anton Paar Group is active in more than 110 countries with 35 sales subsidiaries and nine producing firms in Europe and the USA. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 employees in a worldwide network of research and development, production, sales, and support are responsible for the quality, reliability, and service of products made by Anton Paar. Since 2003, the Charitable Santner Foundation has been the owner of Anton Paar. It is dedicated exclusively and directly to charitable purposes. In 2019, the company generated net sales revenue of 411 million Euro.

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