Anton Paar launches Litesizer DLS 700

Published: 6-Nov-2023

Antoon Paar's new particle size analyser is here

Litesizer DLS 700, a new, high-end particle size analyser, determines particle concentration. By using multi-angle particle sizing, it achieves a higher resolution for different peaks, which makes it Anton Paar's most capable particle sizing instrument to date.

All of the features you’ve come to enjoy from earlier Litesizer DLS instruments are also part of DLS 700.

  • Characterises nanoparticles and microparticles at three measurement angles
  • Measures zeta potential with patented cmPALS technology
  • Measures molecular mass
  • Conducts continuous transmittance measurements
  • Determines the refractive index of solvents
  • Manage all of these features with Kalliope, the measurement software for Litesizer DLS.

Litesizer DLS 700:

  • Conduct concentration determination of up to three different size populations
  • Achieve higher resolution of different peaks with multi-angle particle sizing (MAPS)
  • Perform different measurements with a minimum of user interaction with the play list feature
  • Present different measurement mode results for one sample with multi-measurement reports
  • Only use the runs with the best signal quality for the final result with the DLS run acceptance feature

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