Anton Paar launches Lyza 7000 Spectrometer

Published: 19-Oct-2023

One instrument, a world of samples

Anton Paar's new compact Lyza 7000 measures 100s of sample types. Solid, liquid, gaseous, Lyza 7000 measures them all. It claims to be the most reliable, user-friendly FTIR spectrometer on the market, way beyond industry standards.

The instrument’s software combines measurement, processing, and spectral analyses in automated one-step methods with customisable measuring reports. It even allows inexperienced personnel to conduct complex measurement routines.

Checking incoming goods, identifying unknown substances, and ensuring the quality of final products is a breeze.

The innovative internal system monitoring technology ensures vital information is always at the user’s fingertips.

The easily exchangeable cell module is compatible with a variety of ATR and transmission cells, and the instrument detects swapped modules automatically.

Create your very own library or choose from industry-standard libraries to help identify and verify any sample or unknown substance.

A smart LED light charts measurement progress.

And “Eco Mode” not only saves energy but also ensures the longevity of core components.

Find out more by visiting Anton Paar's website or contacting them via email

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