Aslan Pharmaceuticals announces new research collaboration

Published: 16-Aug-2017

ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company focused on developing immunotherapies for prevalent Asian tumour types, signed a research collaboration agreement with the Academia Sinica Genomic Research Centre, one of Taiwan’s eminent research institutions

In recent studies with varlitinib, major responses were seen in a number of patients with advanced disease and with difficult to treat tumours, such as biliary tract cancer.

The collaboration with Academia Sinica will build on the research ASLAN has been conducting to understand the genetic mutations responsible for varlitinib sensitivity.

The research collaboration will also evaluate the effectiveness of combining varlitinib and ASLAN003 in animal models for gastric, colorectal and lung cancers, in addition to other tumour types.

Dr Michael Hsiao, a Research Fellow in the Genomics Research Centre and Dr Ming-Huang Chen, an attending physician from Taipei Veterans General Hospital, will lead the research collaboration.

Varlitinib is a potent, reversible, small molecule pan-HER inhibitor and is currently being developed across multiple indications including biliary tract, gastric, metastatic breast and metastatic colorectal cancers.

ASLAN003 is a highly potent, best-in-class, small molecule inhibitor of DiHydroOrotate DeHydrogenase (DHODH) enzyme and is currently being developed in acute myeloid leukaemia.

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