Immersive training programme implemented at Samsung Bioepis

Published: 3-Aug-2023

Virtual-reality simulation education platform for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries has expanded its reach into Asia, most recently in South Korea

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and training innovations required for the industry’s Pharma 4.0 advancement have been accelerating throughout the world, most recently in South Korea, where Samsung Bioepis just adopted Quality Executive Partners' Virtuosi immersive learning and training programme for manufacturing operators.

Virtuosi’s tech-forward one-of-a-kind platform uses video courses to teach employees analytical and critical thinking skills, including the “why” behind the science. Virtuosi leverages the power of virtual reality interactive experiences to foster the long-term memory of the employee.

“Educating and training the people who make the medicines we put in our bodies is responsibility number one in the pharmaceutical industry,” noted QxP CEO Crystal Mersh. “The evidence is overwhelming that the two teaching methods used by Virtuosi – deep-dive video instruction coupled with applied learning in a virtual simulation, are far superior to the read-and-memorise approach the industry has used since its inception. We must do better because making quality drugs every single time is the commitment we owe to patients.”

Quality is the priority and consistency is essential. Virtuosi is the only multi-language programme providing that consistency

- QxP CEO Crystal Mersh

Virtuosi was beta-tested by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and is now in use across the globe at both small biotech firms and large multinational pharmaceutical companies. In 2022, QxP expanded its catalogue of Virtuosi content to include cell and gene therapy processing. Virtuosi is available in five languages.

“We absolutely have to have Education 4.0 for Pharma 4.0, and the standardisation of a company’s manufacturing practices is essential, no matter how many facilities they have or where they are located around the world,” said Mersh. “Quality is the priority and consistency is essential. Virtuosi is the only multi-language programme providing that consistency.”

QxP’s installation of Virtuosi in South Korea marks a significant step in its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

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