Samsung Biologics launches Plant 4 virtual showroom

Published: 4-Dec-2020

The company has recently launched digital initiatives including EQUIS, an electronic document and quality management system that gives clients real-time information about their products

Samsung Biologics has launched a virtual showroom to provide real-time construction updates of its recently announced Plant 4. The digital showcase also shows various specs and services that the plant will offer upon completion.

The showroom will also allow Samsung Biologics’ teams to connect and respond quickly to clients’ interests and inquiries about the new facility, digitally.

The company’s plant, which officially broke ground last month, will be the world’s largest bio-manufacturing facility of its kind upon completion, the company claims, holding a total capacity of 250,000 litres.

The company’s decision to accelerate its plans to build a fourth plant was driven by the significant growth Samsung Biologics experienced even during the COVID-19 pandemic, including partnerships with biopharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, and Eli Lilly this year.

“Our new Super Plant and our virtual showroom are a direct response to an accelerated demand in the industry for both traditional and digitally enabled services. By leveraging the latest innovation, Plant 4 will provide easy and secure access to manufacturing and quality information whenever customers require it and deliver the highest levels of client satisfaction and regulatory compliance,” Dr Tae Han Kim, CEO of Samsung Biologics said. “Our Plant 4 Virtual Showroom also exemplifies Samsung Biologics’ latest efforts to lead the industry in the digital revolution for enhanced connectivity and agility in responding to our clients, partners, and shareholders.”

The company also offers existing and potential clients and regulatory inspectors with access to its Live Virtual Tour, a video streaming platform with integrated document viewing that provides the ability to evaluate the company’s level of cGMP compliance and view manufacturing operations.

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