Lab training and cross training improves laboratory productivity

Published: 28-Jan-2021

Agilent University 2021 training calendars now available!

Insufficient training may lead to:

  • Frequent errors and rework
  • Repeated calls to support lines
  • Under-utilised instrument features and capabilities
  • Low throughput and productivity
  • Frequent instrument downtime

Investing in training means developing confident and efficient staff, while improving productivity and performance.

Agilent University courses focus on instrument operation, data analysis and reporting, troubleshooting and maintenance as well as other advanced topics.

You will learn how to identify and resolve common issues quickly and how to properly maintain your instruments to reduce downtime and extend system life.

From beginners to experts, hands-on or online, Agilent University offers flexible, cost-effective training options to help you reach your goals.

See the full list of training course catalogs and calendars here.

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