More solutions to sticky problems

Published: 30-Jul-2014

Updated guide for professionals who want to get more from their viscometers and rheometers

Brookfield Engineering has updated its guide 'More Solutions to Sticky Problems'.

This guide is a valuable resource for professionals who want to get more from their Viscometers and Rheometers. It explains the process of making rheological measurements and suggests Brookfield instrumentation for specific applications. The guide presents additional viscosity measurement techniques and explains the difference between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.

Chapter 1 of More Solutions to Sticky Problems discusses the primary reasons for making rheological measurements and chapter 2 presents the wide variety of instruments, accessories and systems designed for specific applications. The third chapter takes the reader through the actual process of making viscosity measurements and chapter 4 digs deeper into the basics of rheology. Chapter 5 discusses how to analyse data and the sixth chapter explains various test methods.

The guide also contains several appendices covering everything from spindle dimensions and entry codes to shear rates, ASTM specifications, and a list of industry publications covering rheology and viscosity measurement.

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