A cool solution to hot and humid powder flow problems

Published: 18-Dec-2014

Powder flow problems can cost manufacturers substantial down time and expense

It is well known that powder flow problems can cost manufacturers substantial down time and expense. Blockages in lines, feeders and hoppers can shut down production and result in unsatisfactory products. Add to the mix high temperatures and/or high relative humidity and you have a recipe for disaster. The synergistic effect of elevated temperature and humidity compound powder flow problems.

When customers were looking for a way to predict and adjust for these factors, the team at Brookfield developed a solution. They completely sealed the enclosures of the PFT and added purge fittings on the top and bottom of the instrument. Conditioned air is then pumped through the instrument, keeping the electronics cool and protecting the PFT against moisture accumulation. The customer can then place the Powder Flow Tester inside an environmental test chamber and subject it to a wide range of environmental factors.

Characterisation of the material is done with the Standard Flow Function Test utilising the Powder Flow Pro Software. This test provides five predefined consolidation stress measurements which characterise the material’s flow properties. Once optimum flow properties are defined, the customer can then run QA/QC checks during the production cycle utilising the Quick 2-Point or 5-Point Flow Function Test. These points of data can then be used to define potential flow problems and make necessary formula adjustments to improve production and product quality.

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