BioSystem Development and Agilent collaborate

Published: 9-Dec-2010

Will implement BioSystem patented technology on Agilent Bravo automated liquid handling platform

BioSystem Development and Agilent Technologies have agreed to implement BioSystem Development’s patented technology on the Agilent Bravo automated liquid handling platform.

BioSystem Development is a Madison, Wisconsin-based privately held life sciences analytics company and creator of AssayMAP high-throughput micro-chromatography technology.

The partners say the combined technologies will produce for the first time true chromatography separations on disposable, 5 ul packed-bed columns in a 96-channel SBS microplate format.

The collaboration creates an integrated solution for protein sample preparation and processing. The new open-platform instrument combines the Agilent Bravo with 96AM head and AssayMAP cartridges that are packed with any chromatographic resin or immobilised enzyme. It enables a range of standard analytical workflows to be rapidly reformatted to this high-throughput platform.

‘Customers are challenged with delivering large numbers of high-quality samples to our analytical platforms,’ said Nitin Sood, general manager of Agilent’s Automation Solutions Division. ‘The Bravo liquid handling platform for the AssayMAP system enables our customers to provide high-purity, highly parallelised samples to their multiple analytics platforms in formats they can use right away.’

The Bravo with 96AM head instrument will be launched in January. Agilent will become a single point of contact for complete protein purification solutions built on the Bravo and AssayMAP technologies.

‘Agilent is enabling the evolution of AssayMAP from simple ‘bind-and-elute’ workflows to true high-precision chromatography on an established fully automated platform,’ said Scott Fulton, founder and ceo of BioSystem Development.

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