Cool Logistics achieves laboratory accreditation success


A first for a leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled packaging solutions

Cool Logistics has achieved a prestigious laboratory accreditation – a first for a leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled packaging solutions.

The UK-based business announced its industry leading ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation following a stringent process centered on requirements for the competence of thermal testing within its high performing laboratory.

Cool Logistics, part of the Pelican Products group, undertook the intensive process to gain the globally recognised accreditation by creating a management system that proves its technical competence within the laboratory based at its UK headquarters in Leighton Buzzard.

\'We are thrilled,\' said Cool Logistics Technical Manager, Karen Adams. \'This has been about creating a management system which proves our technical competence within our laboratory.

\'We believe we are one of the first laboratories within our industry to achieve this significant ISO standard. The entire process has taken 15 months of dedicated team effort to fully implement. It has resulted in a significant change in all methods and procedures for our engineers.\'

\'This accreditation can give our clients the utmost confidence that any testing we conduct is to the highest industry standards in terms of accuracy and repeatability. Due to the rigorous controls required within the accreditation we can now be classified as an impartial laboratory within the industry,\' she added.

\'It is a real step change for making sure everything we do is fully reproducible with repeatable results and this is crucial in the industry for our pharmaceutical clients.\'

Paul Terry, Sales and Marketing Director at Cool Logistics, said: \'We are delighted to have achieved this prestigious accreditation and it demonstrates how Cool Logistics is constantly striving to achieve the highest industry standards and further evidence we have global leading laboratory resources.

\'It proves how reliable our results are in the laboratory and is an example of the extensive expertise within the Cool Logistics laboratory team. This is a significant achievement.\'

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\'This highlights the impartial nature of what we do – thermal testing,\' commented Adams. \'We can now be utilised as a third party laboratory because of the level of our work, processes and procedures.\'