Diurnal receives second Chronocort patent

By Sophie Bullimore 22-Jan-2019

Second patent has been granted for treatment of adrenal disfunction

Diurnal Group has gained a second patent for its product, Chronocort. The UK-based Diurnal is a pharmaceutical company focused on chronic hormonal diseases, such as the two targeted by Chronocort. These are congenital adrenal hyperplasia(CAH) and adrenal insufficiency (AI).

This second patent expands the company’s exclusivity position in the US. Diurnal expects the US to be a major territory for sales of Chronocort, with CAH and AI collectively estimated to affect 140,000 adult patients. This is anticipated to bring in an addressable market of approximately $1bn.

The patent provides the treatment with in-market protection until 2033, awarded upon FDA approval. This is supplementary to the first pharmaceutical composition of matter patent covering the original formulation until 2034.

Martin Whitaker, Diurnal CEO, said: the patent will provide in-market protection “in addition to the potential for market exclusivity provided by the award of Orphan Drug Designation for both CAH and AI.”

The treatment the patent covers is for CAH and AI and involves hydrocortisone delivered in time with normal bodily rhythms.

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This market exclusivity as a result of the Orphan Drug Designation will last seven years.