Hosokawa Micron signs Optisizer agreement


Xoptix of Malvern, UK becomes exclusive distributor in UK and Ireland, Europe and Middle East

Xoptix of Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, Hosokawa Alpine and Hosokawa Micron have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the Optisizer X001P/X002P/X003P dry particle size analysers and future developments in Europe, UK and Ireland and the Middle East.
The Optisizer in-line particle analyser

The Optisizer in-line particle analyser

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This new in-line particle size analyser expands Hosokawa Micron’s advanced control systems including Plexcontrol, intelligent monitoring and Intellimill applications for the food, chemical, minerals and metals markets.

The X001P model is for measuring particles conveyed in air from 0.5 to 220 microns; the X002P covers 1.2 to 550 microns; and the X003P includes 2.5 to 1100 microns. All three products are designed to ISO 13320 and incorporate high stability lasers, the best optics and the highest specification custom designed detectors found in any in-process sizer, the company says.

Using established laser diffraction technology the Optisizer presents fast, reliable, reproducible and easy to interpret particle size distribution data. Data gathered from the Optisizer can be automatically fed into any plant control system to allow for optimum process control.