Peli BioThermal launches Credo Cargo pallet shipper


Offers high performance and consistent temperature stability in excess of 140 hours

Pelican BioThermal's (formerly Pelican Cool Logistics) new pallet shipper system, Crēdo Cargo, joins the firm's temperature-controlled packaging solutions servicing the global market.

The new reusable bulk shipper, which accepts a full ISO pallet, is set to revolutionise the temperature-controlled packaging passive, bulk shipper marketplace, the Plymouth, MN, US-based firm says.

It is being launched to the global market at Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe this week in Frankfurt, Germany.

Using phase-change material (PCM) coolant panel packaging incorporating a slot-in system mechanism designed for rapid loading and unloading, Crēdo Cargo also has a duration in excess of five days.

These features ensure high performance and consistent temperature stability in excess of 140 hours, the firm says. Its robust design also makes it suitable for the rigours of global logistics applications.

With a volume of 1,900L and covering temperature ranges +2ºC to +8ºC, +15ºC to +25ºC and –20ºC, Credo Cargo sets new standards in the global, bulk shipper market, the firm says.

Other key benefits of the Crēdo Cargo are:

  • 1,903 litre capacity and pallet accepting design
  • Single door access for ease of loading and unloading
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant design to withstand the rigours of global logistics applications
  • Designed to be flat packed either for storage or for empty returns to base
  • Integral viewing windows to monitor/observe condition of VIP panels
  • Quick and easy assembly

David Williams, President of Pelican BioThermal, said: 'We are delighted to launch our new Crēdo Cargo to the global market at Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe. The development of this innovative product demonstrates how our Crēdo range is successfully evolving and expanding to meet the market needs.

'Once again we are proud to be at the forefront of pioneering design in the temperature-controlled packaging industry.'

Kevin Valentine, Pelican BioThermal’s Vice President in Product Development and Engineering, added: 'Crēdo Cargo is a reusable pallet shipper which has been specifically designed to accept a full ISO pallet and its load.

'This cost-effective bulk shipper is lightweight and its easy to load coolant panels make for rapid loading and unloading. We are confident this will help revolutionise the temperature-controlled packaging bulk shipper marketplace for passive alternatives.'

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Crēdo Cargo is the latest addition to Peli BioThermal’s full suite of products and services which offer longevity, reusability and sustainability to provide the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, tissue, diagnostics/clinical trials, vaccines and blood samples.