RheocalcT software update is loaded with new features

Published: 24-Apr-2015

New update includes Test Wizards, yield testing, improved layout and navigation and additional import/export functions

Brookfield has released RheocalcT software v1.2.19. This new update now includes Test Wizards for rapid test creation, yield testing for the DV3T rheometer, improved layout and navigation and additional import/export functions.

The RheocalcT Test Wizard reduces the time and effort needed to set up popular tests, such as time to stop, time to torque, speed ramp/shear rate ramp and temperature profiling. It can also create a Thix Index Test (used to calculate the ratio of viscosity at low speed versus viscosity at a higher speed) or a curing test to automatically reduce speed at preset torque values.

In addition, the Wizard can now be used to create and run a yield stress test for the DV3T rheometer.

Many layout and navigation improvements have been implemented, including the addition of a favourites bar. Import/export functions have also been improved, simplifying Excel data for export, importing existing test files from Rheocalc32 and EZ-Yield, and reducing PDF file export sizes.

RheocalcT can be used with Brookfield’s DV2T viscometer and the DV3T rheometer. It will run on Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. Processor speed should be 2GHz or higher. The minimum RAM requirement is 2GB.

Two USB ports are recommended to support viscosity testing with concurrent temperature control using a Brookfield accessory, such as the TC circulating temperature bath or Thermosel system.

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