Schott develops innovative glass syringe for biotech medications


Product is manufactured without using tungsten and is designed to ensure that the medication does not come into contact with the needle or adhesives during storage

The syriQ Injentle syringe

The syriQ Injentle syringe

With syriQ InJentle, Schott has developed a solution specifically for use with highly sensitive biotech active agents. The special geometry of the glass barrel does not require any tungsten during the glass forming process.

Another advantage of the specially developed design is that during storage, the medication does not come into contact with the needle or the adhesive that holds it. This means that no leachables can mix with the medication and it remains stable during storage.

A tamper-evident closure shows whether the syringe has already been used. This closure can still be opened easily even after longer storage periods. Furthermore, the needle does not stick into the needle shield, so that it remains sharp and injections are less painful for the patient.

syriQ InJentle can be used with thin needles up to 32 Gauge, and is supplied as ready-to-fill, packaged products in common nests and tubs that can be integrated into existing filling lines.

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