Romaco at Interphex: Broad portfolio for laboratory applications

Published: 29-Mar-2023

The company is set to take advantage of INTERPHEX to show technologies and services for laboratory applications

Romaco’s technologies and services for laboratory applications will be at the centre of the one stop solutions provider’s trade fair exhibit. The multipurpose VENTILUS Lab fluid bed processor from Romaco Innojet and the KTP 1X R&D tablet press from Romaco Kilian will be on display at the upcoming event.

Romaco will take advantage of INTERPHEX to show technologies and services for laboratory applications. The one stop solutions provider’s processing portfolio includes high shear mixers, fluid bed processors, tablet presses and tablet coaters for laboratory scale production. Sustainable system design is a key development priority with all Romaco machines – for example, through targeted energy savings in processing or reduced raw material consumption in the manufacture and processing of pharmaceutical powders, granulates and tablets. These measures not only improve the carbon footprint; they also go hand in hand with lower production costs.

Romaco additionally has six laboratories for granulation, tableting and film coating as well as filling and packing of pharmaceutical solids and liquids. These knowledge centres serve as the first port of call for expert advice, product analyses, process optimsation and machine training. Parallel to this, lab specialists from Innojet, Kilian and Tecpharm provide scale-up and product development support to users in the pharmaceutical industry.

Designed for laboratory-scale applications, the VENTILUS Lab fluid bed processor from Romaco Innojet is used for granulating, drying and coating particle sizes from 10 μm to 2 mm. This multipurpose lab unit produces batches from 0.7 to 7.0 litres in size. Due to the enhanced processing efficiency inside the cylindrical product container, the VENTILUS Lab allows up to 25 percent shorter batch processing times and hence much lower power consumption. 

The process air is introduced through the ORBITER booster plate, which ensures homogeneous flow conditions and extremely gentle intermixing of the materials. In combination with the ROTOJET, the central bottom spray nozzle, the ORBITER booster forms a unique functional unit enabling simple scale-up. Thanks to the innovative fluid bed components invented by Dr Herbert Hüttlin, the product movement inside the process container can be accurately controlled. 

The spray liquid is consequently applied very precisely, so that formulations achieving the modified release profile are possible using 10 to 15 percent less material. The targeted reduction in spray liquid and power consumption means the VENTILUS Lab also results in substantially fewer carbon dioxide emissions from fluid bed processes. Furthermore, the rotating SEPAJET filter system minimises product loss by preventing any particles retained by the filter from being discharged from the process.

KTP 1X R&D tablet press 2.0 from Romaco Kilian – access to research data worldwide at any time – Industry 4.0 ready.

KTP 1X R&D tablet press

KTP 1X R&D tablet press

The KTP 1X is the newest generation of Romaco Kilian’s R&D tablet presses for laboratory use. This single-stroke press was designed as an all-in-one instrument for research and development activities and is suitable for pressing mono-layer, bi-layer and triple-layer tablets as well as tab-in-tab formats. It achieves compression forces of up to 80 kN depending on the model and a maximum output of 1800 tablets per hour. This versatile R&D press enables the various tableting parameters, such as compression force or the possible tableting speed, to be automatically determined. 

The smart measurement system evaluates huge amounts of data in next to no time for this purpose. The KTP 1X is moreover capable of simulating any standard rotary press, making it much easier to conduct scale-up trials. In addition to the production of clinical samples, the technology allows detailed troubleshooting and hence supports process optimisation. Thanks to the machine’s extremely good rigidity, the punch position in particular can be measured more precisely now. 

This high measuring accuracy goes hand in hand with extremely low product consumption – so that the KTP 1X is not only very accurate but also cost-efficient and sustainable. Only a few test series are required to obtain meaningful results, because compression studies are highly automated. With its very small compaction area, the tablet press has a small footprint and is quick and easy to clean – for even bigger time and energy savings. What’s more, the machine ships with a data module that gives users access to raw measurement data worldwide at any time, even when the machine is not in operation.

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