RSSL biomolecular analysis expansion

Published: 19-Apr-2017

RSSL’s new broadening of GMP licence by MHRA includes biologicals and expands DNA analysis service

Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL) has relocated its biomolecular analysis group to new and expanded laboratories in its JJT facility based on the Reading University site.

The expansion sees new investment in technology focused on protein characterisation and host cell protein and DNA analysis, along with an increase in the number of scientists working within the group.

Two purpose built PCR analysis suites have been added, allowing for greater separation within DNA analysis.

The addition of automated DNA preparation using MagMaxTM technology strengthens RSSL's service offering in host-cell DNA analysis.

These host cell analyses compliment well with the established services in protein characterisation using mass spectroscopy, electrophoresis and antibody techniques like ELISA and western blotting.

The biomolecular analysis group is also able to call on other core strengths of the business, allowing RSSL to offer a full service in protein characterisation.

This includes peptide mapping, di-sulphide bridge location, identifying glycosylation sites and determination of post-translational modifications.

“We have already seen a strong uptake in work for protein characterisation,” said Philip Kuhlman, Manager of RSSL's biomolecular analysis group.

“Our move to these new GMP compliant laboratories and the increase in scope of RSSL’s GMP licence to include biologicals has given us the opportunity to expand the range and quality of the service.”

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