The lessons the pharma supply chain learned from Covid-19 pandemic

Published: 26-May-2022

By Andrea Lodetti, CEO Bormioli Pharma

The pharmaceutical industry has experienced a rapid and unexpected evolution over the past two years, triggered by the pandemic, with increasing pressure on drug manufacturers and the associated supply chain. Some segments have shown strong growth, while others have suffered due to measures put in place to prevent the spread of contagion.

The value chain had to react quickly to meet the new challenges, and at Bormioli Pharma we also responded promptly.

Indeed, we have continued to invest in recent years: we have strengthened our sales presence overseas, in the United States and China, with an on-site team and warehouse to serve every industry need. In addition, thanks to new acquisitions in Italy and Germany, our portfolio has been supplemented with tubular glass solutions, oral drug dispensing accessories, closures and pipettes.

We have improved our production efficiency, shortening lead times to be more agile and to provide concrete answers to the growing market saturation.

In addition, we have reformulated our offerings based on specific market needs, introducing three portfolios that address the individual segments of prescription drugs, OTCs, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

Finally, we have risen to the challenge of sustainability, with several ranges of products and accessories made from recycled plastic ‐ mechanically and chemically recycled PET, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that captures CO2 ‐ and bio-based plastic solutions, along with infinitely recyclable glass solutions. All of these solutions are characterised by the highest levels of quality, efficiency and aesthetics.

In conclusion, we ‐ like the entire supply chain serving the pharmaceutical industry ‐ have had to adapt in response to one of the greatest lessons the pandemic has taught us: no one can win alone.

In fact, the complexity and challenges of the industry have greatly increased over the last two years, leading to growing demands from pharmaceutical companies for high-value-added solutions. In order to respond effectively, it is necessary to adopt a supply chain approach, redesigning the traditional relationship between customer and supplier in a more horizontal and collaborative sense, establishing an increasingly close partnership between the various players.

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