Starlab introduces novel Vortex mixer for the laboratory market

Published: 29-Feb-2024

Good vibes in the lab: one and a half years after the successful launch of its redesigned laboratory device, the Starlab Minicentrifuge, the Hamburg-based laboratory products manufacturer is introducing its second product in March 2024

The innovative Starlab Vortex Mixer combines unparalleled design with top performance and user-friendliness.

“We are extremely proud to present yet another important product for next-generation laboratory operations. It is designed to make day-to-day lab work even easier and more efficient. The development process was once again guided by our central motto: putting the fun in lab work."

"Because fun is what drives passion and performance, and you can’t achieve successful research without them,” says Klaus Ambos, President and CEO of Starlab International.

Design is about more than looks

Like the Minicentrifuge, the new product is based on the distinctive Starlab curved design. The mixer’s fluid design, with its striking wave pattern and two-tone colour scheme, sets it apart from other laboratory devices.

The shape invites laboratory staff to actively interact with it and promotes intuitive handling.

“We invested a lot of time in product development. Our signature curved design, which is also a key feature of the Minicentrifuge, was developed for more than just aesthetic reasons."

"Making sure that our users can easily learn how to operate our products and enjoy using them is very important to us,” says Ambos.

The Starlab Minicentrifuge has already been nominated for several design awards. Starlab received the prestigious Instrument Business Outlook Bronze Award for excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments for the Minicentrifuge in September 2023.

According to Klaus Ambos: “The high volume of positive feedback from our customers and the recognition we have received from various institutions confirm that we are on the right track. Design is an important aspect in laboratory operations.” 

A focus on user-friendliness

The Starlab developers’ goal was a new type of vortexer providing multifunctionality with focus on user-friendliness. The unique feature of the new Vortex Mixer is the intuitive glove-compatible touchscreen user interface.

The screen makes it easy to set the speed and time and offers pre-set options that allow users quick speed and time selection at the touch of a button. Customised speed and time setting is also available.

The mixer isenergy smart thanks to its sleep mode, which reduces energy consumption by putting the device on standby after a period of unuse.

Creating good vibes through performance, versatility and fun

With a speed range from 300 rpm to 3500 rpm in touch mode, the Vortex Mixer provides versatility for all laboratory requirements. The large surface area allows differently shaped tubes and containers to be vortexed, whilst the recessed centre provides the benefits of traditional, cup-style attachments.

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For greater flexibility, optional adapters are also available for continuous mixing of tubes or a microplate within a 300 rpm to 1500 rpm range. On top of that, the Starlab Vortex Mixer runs quietly, ensuring a disturbance-free working environment in the laboratory. Stability and safety during operation are provided by the anti-slip feet.

Ambos: “From the gentle mixing of samples right up to vigorous vortex mixing and the resuspending of cells or chemical pellets, the new Starlab Vortex Mixer brings good vibes to every lab with its compact and innovative design. Good vibrations. Great results!” 

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