The Starlab Group specialises in the field of Liquid Handling Technology and the manufacture of high-quality laboratory consumables for research and development.

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Since 1998, Starlab has been delivering high-quality Liquid Handling and laboratory products all over the world, to enable bright minds to change the world with our solutions. Starlab manufactured products are in daily use in laboratories throughout the world and have a proven track record of performance and reliability.

Starlab’s success is due to its highly trained and motivated staff and a portfolio of high-quality products and services; they have earned an excellent reputation within the research community as a consultative company that provides solutions to customer needs at a fair price. Starlab takes a very structured approach to Liquid Handling products and support.

Their expertise in all areas of handling liquids accurately and efficiently ensures that their customers can focus their efforts on their research with the peace of mind that the instruments and consumables they are using perform to the highest standards in the industry.

Starlab portfolio includes pipette tips, robotic tips, pipettes, servicing and UKAS calibration of pipettes, tubes, plates, labelling, PCR consumables, cell culture plates, dishes and flasks, syringe filters, sample storage solutions, freezer racking, laboratory equipment and disposable gloves.

Progress through quality

Only those who meticulously research and develop themselves can produce suitable products for today’s top scientists. We combine our expertise with a consultative approach so we can fully understand the day to day needs of scientists and researchers. Only then can we develop high-quality products that are suitable for use with the latest applications and techniques.

Our TipOne© pipette tips and our ErgoOne© pipettes create the perfect pipetting partnership. Colour coordinated by volume, the tips and pipettes are perfectly matched for everyday laboratory work. Look out for the new-style packaging too. This will bring some colour and fun into your lab.

Progress through passion

Everything we do, we do with passion. Because if you are not passionate about your subject, you cannot ensure progress. High quality, smart products do not fall from the sky. And satisfied customers cannot be won with half-hearted service.

That’s why we put customer excellence first. We want every point of customer contact to live up to our high standards, whether it is a question on our service via email, valuable product feedback during a telephone call, or we are exchanging ideas on social media. We want to convince you of our expertise, and share our passion for science.

Progress through sustainability

If you want to be progressive, you must act sustainably. However, we all still have a long way to go on the road to a fully sustainable laboratory. But we have already taken the first major steps towards reducing the ecological footprint of our products. We aim to have a leading role in modern laboratories across the world becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For example, our TipOne tips are produced in a factory that is powered 100% by wind power, and the sterile TipOne® Refills produced in that factory, reduce plastic use by up to 63% compared to racked tips. We were one of the first companies in our industry to achieve ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. Our external audits confirm we are continually working on both short and long-term strategies to reduce the company's impact on the environment. And this is not only for the products we produce. It includes the day to day business operations which we continually monitor and review so we can change, and make sustainable progress.


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