Innovative UK Sixth Form College breaks barriers between science in further education and in industry

Published: 21-Feb-2023

Asynt are proud to confirm that age 16+ learners attending Thomas Rotherham College (South Yorkshire, UK) Sixth Form College are using the CondenSyn waterless air condenser and Distillation Adapter in their lessons after recent updates in the science department

Luke Hanson, Lead Science Technician at the college, shared the college’s excitement at this change: ”We are proud to be one of the first pioneering sixth form colleges in the country to adopt the use of the CondenSyn in our teaching. Not only does this cutting-edge equipment enhance the learning experience for our students, but it also inspires them to strive for excellence and seize opportunities for the future. It’s vital that, as more universities and laboratories in industry introduce the CondenSyn, our students are given this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative and sustainable technologies. This valuable exposure for our learners allows us to embed what we stand for; ‘A tradition of achievement – a future of opportunity’.”

A centre of excellence for over 500 years, the college prides itself on preparing learners effectively for their progression on to university and employment. Luke explains that “as a college, we offer both A Level chemistry and a level 3 BTEC in applied science, both of which have modules that teach students about reflux and distillation. We understand the importance of providing our students with the most current equipment, which is why, when we realised that our Liebig condensers were no longer compliant with the Water Supply Regulations, we saw it as the ideal opportunity to not only update our equipment but also to consider how we could reduce water consumption to work more sustainably.”

After researching various options, the college purchased the Asynt CondenSyn air-based (or “waterless") condensers and CondenSyn Distillation Adapters which not only allowed them to easily comply with the regulations, but also enabled them to significantly reduce water usage in the science department and give students a more progressive environment. The college are proud that this smart swap will have a positive impact on their local community – reducing the strain on local reservoirs and water resources, all whilst reducing their own bills.

Luke is enthusiastic about the change, confirming that “CondenSyn’s simple set-up is ideal for introducing students to reflux and distillation. It eliminates the risk of flooding, connecting the water supply to the wrong inlet on the condenser, or forgetting to start the water flow, making it a safer option for our students and giving us more flexibility on which lab we use.”

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Thomas Rotherham College is the largest provider of A Level courses in their area, with a wide additional range of vocational pathways and sports academies. For further information visit:

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