Metallurgy specialist AMS testing drives growth using Matrix Gemini LIMS


Autoscribe Informatics has released a new case study focusing on how Matrix Gemini LIMS transformed AMS Testing and provided a solid quality framework for its metallurgical testing

Metallurgy specialist AMS testing drives growth using Matrix Gemini LIMS

Using the new LIMS avoids the need to manually collate and create final reports, enables the creation of quotes and invoices directly from the LIMS, and automatically generates management reports as required.

The AMS Testing case study can be downloaded HERE.

AMS Testing is a specialist metallurgical ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory based in the UK. Testing services include metallurgical, corrosion, mechanical, and chemical tests on metals and alloys. The laboratory now benefits from a simple to use laboratory information management system that has allowed them to adopt more efficient working practices. The resulting increase in efficiency has allowed AMS to grow rapidly, providing big returns for the business.

AMS decided on Matrix Gemini LIMS from Autoscribe Informatics after assessing three different Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) vendors. “Choosing a LIMS was a learning process for us,” explained the Operations Manager at AMS Testing. “We really appreciated the open and helpful feedback we got from Autoscribe during that journey”. The Autoscribe solution was not chosen on cost, but because AMS Testing felt they could work with the LIMS vendor to implement the system they needed, and because the configurable nature of Matrix Gemini LIMS could meet their specific requirements.

A wide range of metals and alloys are analysed, on behalf of clients, for quality control and failure analysis. Examples include weld testing where both the quality of the welding performed by individual welders and the quality of the welding operational procedures themselves are verified and approved. Processes on materials can be evaluated to ensure the procedures worked correctly. Both raw materials and final products, such as industrial valves, are assessed for a broad range of industries. Failure investigation and analysis services help provide the root cause of failures, preventing similar incidents occurring, and improving the quality of client products. AMS has successfully developed a unique position within the laboratory testing scene providing immediate friendly, personal, and professional advice from extensive experience of metallurgical testing.

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“Clients like AMS Testing are a pleasure to work with because they come to us with very specific user requirements, and a clear vision of what they want”, said Tim Daniels, Marketing Manager at Autoscribe Informatics. “This allowed us to configure Matrix Gemini to their needs and go live within six months of starting the project. The resulting efficiency gains have been clearly demonstrated, allowing AMS to plan to further expand the scope of the LIMS.”

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