New update to Anton Paar's SVM viscometer


The updated SAE 300 specifications on Anton Paar's SVM viscometer can also be used to determine viscosity

Finding the right engine oil can be tricky as engine manufacturers need to know the different lubricants with their various specifications.

The SAE 300 standard defines the limits of engine lubricating oils in rheological terms.

This standard is used in the formulation, manufacture and labelling of lubricating oil products.

The system of SAE classes includes viscosity limits at defined temperatures and test procedures.

An important criterion in SAE J300 is the kinematic viscosity at 100 °C.

In the past, this was only measured with ASTM D445 glass capillaries.

Anton Paar convinced the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) of the quality and precision of the SVM viscometer.

Now in the latest update to the SAE 300 specifications Anton Paar's SVM viscometer can also be used to determine viscosity.

The SVM range of viscometers from Anton Paar allow you to exchange all your capillaries for one single unit, saving of time and money.

SVM viscometers provide the highest flexibility by covering the entire viscosity, density, and temperature range with a single measurement cell and delivering results in seconds.

With SVM you can certify jet fuel, diesel, biodiesel blends, and marine fuels; classify crude oils and determine the VI of your lubricant.

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