Anton Paar launches the Lyza 7000 used oil package

Published: 19-Dec-2023

One instrument, a world of analysis

Lyza 7000 enables the measurement of in-service lubricants with ASTM-compliant FTIR methods at the push of a button. It’s the most intuitive, user-friendly FTIR spectrometer on the market.

The benefits include quick oil condition monitoring with FTIR spectroscopy, plus standard-compliant analysis according to ASTM E2412 and many more protocols. In fact, it’s everything you need for out-of-the box in-service lubricant FTIR analysis and fast spectral characterisation … even for the novice user.

Analysis of spectra occurs directly in the instrument’s embedded software in full compliance with ASTM E2412, D7214, D7412, D7414, D7415, D7624, D7844 and D7418. 

Lyza 7000 is a compact spectrometer with an adjustable touchscreen for an ultra-intuitive experience. Plus, it has a remarkable software package – tailored to condition monitoring of lubrication oils – including convenient features such as guided workflows, continuous instrument self-monitoring and energy saving mode.


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