IMA adds ELECTRIC atTRACTION event to line-up at virtual venue

Published: 4-Feb-2021

The IMA Group along with ATOP, one of its latest acquisitions, has shared another great event in the Sensing Future Days programme: ELECTRIC atTRACTION

Due to COVID-19, ATOP and the entire IMA Group have kept on using innovative digital solutions to strengthen their relationship with customers. Sensing Future Days - IMA’s virtual exhibition venue - was envisioned as the best solution to pursue this path.

On 20 and 21 January ATOP successfully presented its considerable know-how about electric traction and green mobility solutions for the first time.

ATOP, which was founded in 1993, has been part of the IMA Group since 2019. The company’s aim is to develop tailored technologies to meet quality and production requirements in all winding and assembly processes in the field of rotors and stators. Its main focus is on wound stator and rotor production lines for electric motors for the electric traction, automotive, industrial, household appliance and power tool industries.

Hairpin technology is one of the key features of ATOP’s manufacturing processes and represents one of the most important technical solutions in the field of e-motors. Its technical and commercial importance has encouraged ATOP to invest in continuous research and development programs.

During the event, the many and different sections of the virtual venue were available to unveil the next generation of manufacturing technologies to assemble hairpin stators of traction motors dedicated to the e-mobility industry.

The platform was set up with different sectors: the ’Sensing Future Live Arena’ was the principal zone where live presentations were given; the ’Machines On Show’ area, created for visitors to discover the technical characteristics of the machines; an IMA Digital section to share transversal digital applications developed by the Group; and lastly an 'On-Demand' area where it was possible to see past sessions from previous editions of Sensing Future Days again.

The live agenda has been structured with the intent of covering four different time-zones: Europe, America, China and Korea. As a result of this timetable, the first day was watched mostly by European and American audiences, whereas the second day had more Asian visitors.

The exhibition focused on an extremely precise subject in a defined market sector, combining ATOP’s latest solutions with aspects of their Research & Development:

  • E-Mobility, part of the IMA Zero project on sustainability;
  • Traction Hairpin Solutions, with a general overview of ATOP’s solutions and a focus on the future of the hairpin forming process for e-mobility;
  • ATOP and the IMA Digital project with a concrete example of Remote FAT;
  • 3D laser welding quality control with the utilisation of a 3D vision system based on the “fringe pattern projection” technique for the quality control of laser welds in hairpin stator wires;
  • Electrical testing process based on ATOP’s know-how and proprietary technology.

A 2-day event with 16 live sessions and 10+ Group experts giving 9 hours of live streaming, 180 unique viewers from 20 different countries for 480 total views: just a few numbers that reflect the considerable interest that the market has in this topic.

Despite its specificity, there was a large audience actively participating at the live sessions, sending in questions and asking for more information about ATOP’s products and technologies.

This success confirms the Sensing Future Days platform as a valid and versatile tool to give all Group customers from every market sector the possibility to get in touch with IMA’s latest and most innovative solutions. New Sensing Days are coming! #StayConnect!

Do not miss the opportunity to watch the ATOP ELECTRIC atTRACTION event on demand. Sign-up:

IMA adds ELECTRIC atTRACTION event to line-up at virtual venue

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